Plan For Success By Involving Employees In Your Business Move

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Employees Moving in Office - Commercial Moving Tips in Janesville, WI

Your employees are one of the greatest assets a company has. That is particularly true when you plan a physical business move. Employees can be cheerleaders, planners, forward thinkers, and support networks during a company move. But you need to get them involved in order to make most of their intelligence and enthusiasm.

How can your company get employees more involved during the transition? Here are a few easy and positive ways.

Communicate Openly

Moving offices or plant sites is a big change for everyone. Employees will experience the largest and most ongoing impact — from their commute to work to their office space for eight hours every day. Keep them informed about plans for the move from the earliest stages and throughout the process.

Update employees regularly about the reasons for the transition, how planning is progressing, goals for the new location, and design choices being made. And listen when they express concerns or doubts.

Invite Employees to Design

Solicit the feedback and suggestions of teams and departments as well as individuals when it comes to interior design and facilities features. While you do need to have an overall interior design plan that looks great and meets your budget, involving people on the ground makes a big difference in morale.

Ask workers what they need in their offices and have them offer wish list items. Allow them to decide things like what they want in a break room, shapes and sizes of desk space, the best lighting, or what color scheme would be most enjoyable to work in. You’ll not only see more enthusiasm for the changes, but efficiency will be increased. After all, management isn’t guessing at what employees’ needs are.

Make Assignments

Look for individuals and teams within the company that would be natural choices to do certain moving tasks. Are there natural leaders? Organization gurus? People who like to spearhead new projects? Make use of those strengths by including them in the moving team. Have some employees been with your company through other changes? They might be perfect to help you avoid past mistakes.

Assign certain employees to work directly with the moving company so that they can identify potential obstacles. Does a department have special technical equipment, for instance? Can you assign someone to serve as a point person at the new location to prepare to receive the movers on the big day?

Name a department employee as liaison for the movers. Deploy employees in ways that empower them and they will undoubtedly excel.

Reassess Work Loads

During the move, employees need to dedicate time and energy into relocating successfully. But if everyone is already busy with their normal workload, when will they have time to work on moving tasks?

Take a look at current and future company projects. Can anything be pushed back until after you get settled in the new office? Can you hire temporary help with routine tasks like data entry, deliveries, or freeing up employees to help with the move? Can management pitch in so that everyone has time to make preparations? Rebalance work expectations so that everyone truly feels like you’re all in it together.

Gather Feedback Later

Once the move is completed, don’t forget all the employees. Check in during the later stages of the project, finding out how it’s going for everyone. Remember that this was a big change, and it’s unlikely that it will be a perfect transition. If there is negative feedback, be open to making adjustments where possible.

Christofferson Moving & Storage is here to help with all your commercial moving needs. Call today to learn what services we provide and how we can work with your employees to create the best transition possible.

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