Moving Valuable Items? 5 Tips to Keep Them Safe

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Moving all your belongings from one home to another is a big job that can cause a lot of anxiety in many people. This is exacerbated when those belongings include highly valuable items. No matter whether they are your grandmother’s jewelry, your priceless art collection, or an expensive piece of technology for your home business, high-value goods require special consideration during the moving process.

How can you make the best arrangements for unique or expensive items? Discover five key steps to take.

1. Check Your Insurance

To start with, make sure your insurance sufficiently covers these particular items throughout the moving process. Most household goods are covered by your standard homeowners insurance policy, so make sure it remains in force while things are on the truck and in the new house. However, if you have specific high-value items, you may want to add special riders for additional coverage.

Find out about insurance and liability coverage from your selected moving company as well. This will work in conjunction with your own coverage to provide a broader range of protection against more dangers.

2. Get Professional Help

Professional movers are trained in the best methods to move unusual, sensitive, fragile, and expensive items. Unless you have experience moving this specific item, consult with pros and let them handle it. Movers may assess the item in person in advance so they can have the right tools and equipment as well as the time to do it right.

3. Get Custom Packaging

Do not leave the protection of particularly valuable items in the hands of an old cardboard box or a plastic bag. Unusually shaped goods or fragile items do best when moved in their own custom crating. The ideal solution is to use the protective packaging it came in. If this is not possible, you might order custom or molded containers for the best fit. The right crating not only protects the item but also makes moving it easier.

4. Move Some Items Yourself

If the valuable goods are not difficult to transport — such as your grandmother’s high-value jewelry — plan to keep these with you during the move. While they would likely be just as safe in the hands of professional movers, hand-transporting them gives you peace of mind. However, avoid trying to carry too many things. This will make your own journey more complicated, and some things may not be as safe as you think.

5. Ensure Items Are in Good Condition

Before you (or your movers) pack up high-value items, prep the goods themselves. First, conduct an inventory of anything that has particular value, such as the many items in your history collection. This inventory ensures you know exactly what is being moved and where it is. This will save you from a lot of stress on the other end of the move because you will know exactly what to look for upon arrival.

Second, inspect the goods carefully. If any are not in good condition, these may need extra special handling or packaging. If you can repair anything broken or damaged before transporting it, this will also help protect it as it moves. Take photos and make notes to help make sure they arrive in the same condition and are reassembled (if applicable) in the right way.

The earlier you plan for the safety of your particular high-value belongings, the more confident you will feel. Start today by consulting with the moving pros at Christofferson Moving & Storage. We will work with you to come up with the best moving plan and execute it in the smoothest way possible. Make an appointment today.

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