How to Choose the Right Time for a Corporate Move

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People Moving in Office - Commercial Moving in Janesville, WIMoving your business is a challenge on many levels. One of the best things you can do to make it work for everyone is to find the right timing. What does that involve? Use these four simple steps to time any corporate move for the best outcome.

Create a Committee

Committees often have negative connotations as being stuffy and slow to act. But in reality, the right committee empowered in the right way can make your project smoother and more inclusive. Your moving committee should include members of ownership or management as well as representatives from various elements of the company’s employees.

Executives should be supportive of the committee’s findings, demonstrating an example for all employees. And all committee members — especially those representing employees — need to be equally heard and respected.

Track Business Flow

A major location move will affect your entire business and its customers. So you should start by analyzing the ebb and flow of your business cycle. An outdoor gear or apparel company is usually busiest during the late spring and through the summer. Moving during this time would be potentially catastrophic to your bottom line. Instead, you may want to wait until the weather cools in autumn.

Have the moving committee talk with all departments to determine when they are the busiest and when they are slower. If business traffic isn’t as obvious as some companies, analyze sales data and inventory to find trends toward slower times.

Look for an Off-Season

For most of the United States, summer is the primary time when people tend to make major life moves — both residential and commercial. The weather is good, kids are out of school, and more homes are usually on the market. But this popular time also means that you’ll have more competition for moving companies, higher prices, and less availability of services.

If possible, make your company move easier and cheaper by avoiding the high seasons for moving in your area. Generally, this includes the peak of spring and summer, but you may want to confirm this by talking with moving companies in your area.

These high seasons, though, will depend on your particular surroundings. So you aren’t necessarily stuck with moving in the middle of a Wisconsin winter. A university area, for instance, will have lots of people moving after school ends in the spring as well as during the holiday season. Car or clothing sales businesses may find that moving during the changeover to a new season is best.

Consider Days of the Week

Along with finding the right time of year, you also need to schedule activities for the right days of the week. Schedule whatever work needs done by employees — such as packing up their files and personal effects —for during the regular work week. You’ll have more participation and better morale if this is not required during employees’ time off.

The right timing for the actual move depends on your specific needs. Will employees pack up offices in advance, with a moving company doing the main work on the big day? Then you do well to schedule the move for a weekend day or an evening when fewer people are present and working. If, on the other hand, employees will need to be present to supervise aspects of the work, opt for a weekday instead.

By following this plan, your business will surely find the right time and days to schedule your big move. At Christofferson Moving & Storage, we can help. Talk with our moving experts today to get started on the path to moving success

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