Hidden Costs to Avoid During Your Next Commercial Move

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Have you ever had a commercial move that ended up costing much more than the initial quote? That is likely due to hidden costs. Some of these hidden costs might be a little duplicitous, while other hidden costs are understandable. Working with a trustworthy, knowledgeable moving company is key when trying to avoid hidden costs.

Packing Equipment and Packing Supplies

Though you may have paid your movers to pack your office up, you may still be charged for the equipment and supplies they use for the actual packing. Always ask initially whether the equipment and supplies are included within the packing charge. You may want to purchase the equipment and supplies on your own, or have every employee pack up his or her own area.

Items That Are Too Heavy or Large

Bulk items and heavy items may incur a surcharge as they’re more difficult to move. Before your move, walk your mover through your offices and point out any items that may be too large, heavy, or otherwise cumbersome. Make sure to ask directly for a quote regarding these items.

Stair Fees or Elevator-Related Fees

If you have any stairs or elevators during your move, you may experience additional charges. Stairs naturally often make a move longer and more difficult, and elevators can cause significant delays. Make sure to tell your mover how many stairs they could encounter and whether they will need to use the elevators at your old or new offices.

The Cost of Specialists

Some items require specialists. These items could include expensive equipment or equipment connected to a gas line or other important utility. If your movers find that you need a specialist during your move, they may hire one — and those costs can be substantial. This is another reason to go over every item you need to move with your mover before you get a quote, rather than just giving them an estimate of what needs doing.

Damage to Your Equipment and Items

Inexperienced movers may accidentally cause damage to your office furniture, equipment, and other physical assets. Further, you may or may not have the insurance necessary to replace these items completely or may still need to pay towards the replacement of the items yourself. Making sure that you have a trustworthy moving company can help, as well as getting comprehensive moving insurance.

Assembly and Disassembly Fees

When furniture has to be assembled or disassembled, this often takes time. Many movers might charge you an additional assembly or disassembly fee. This is a hidden cost when the movers do not mention that they will be charging for these tasks. To save money, have your employees take apart their furniture before it is moved. To make it easier, they should label the joints of their furniture carefully.

Weight and Capacity Fees

During longer movers, movers may charge based on either the weight of the move or the amount of truck space it takes. Switching between weight costs and capacity costs can bump up a bill; if movers discover that the load is light, they may bill based on capacity.

In order to avoid this, make sure that your contract specifies whether the move will be paid based on weight, capacity, or just raw hours worked, and make sure that the mover sticks to this.

Many of these hidden costs are costs that a reputable mover should discuss with you. If your business is concerned about hidden costs, contact the experts at Christofferson Moving & Storage. We are here to answer all your questions and address all your concerns about all aspects of commercial moves.

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