How To Pack Your Bedroom For A Stress-Free Move

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Many people might think moving is stressful, but packing your things can be just as, if not more stressful than moving day. After all, trying to fit all your life’s possessions into a trailer full of boxes is no easy task. Which is why a lot of people say things to us like, “I’m looking forward to moving, but I forgot how much I hate packing.”


Fortunately, our 100+ years of moving experience have taught us what works and what doesn’t when it comes to packing up your belongings.

Before you start packing, make sure you have the following packing supplies on-hand and ready to use.

  • Packing boxes/cartons
  • Packing paper (Sorry, we’re allergic to packing peanuts.)
  • Packing tape
  • Chisel-tip or felt-tip markers (A hotly debated topic among calligraphers.)

When packing up the things in your bedroom, make sure to:

  • Leave your clothes on hangers and pack them into a wardrobe carton so they arrive wrinkle-free and ready to hang. Each wardrobe carton holds about two feet of compressed clothing on hangers. If you’re not using wardrobe cartons, remove your clothes from the hangers and fold and place them in a carton lined with packing paper.
  • Fold and place bedding and linens such as pillowcases, sheets, and towels into a carton lined with packing paper.
  • Wrap small appliances and electronics such as alarm clocks or radios individually and pack them in a carton lined with crushed packing paper.
  • Pack books with the spine down and the open side facing up. Because large cartons of books can be very heavy, (if you don’t believe us, try lifting a big box full sometime), pack your books in small cartons so they’re easier to carry.
  • Wrap any framed photos individually with packing paper and stand them on edge in the carton. Make sure the carton is packed tightly and that any extra gaps or spaces are filled with packing paper to keep the photo frames from shifting during the move.
  • Pack your mattress in a specially designed mattress carton, (just ask us for one), to protect your mattress from dirt and damage during the move.
  • Take any irreplaceable items like family heirlooms, personal keepsakes, or mementos with you in your vehicle to your destination.

Good packing is essential to a stress-free move. By following our list of packing instructions listed above, you can be sure that your valuables will remain, well, valuable during your relocation.

Our team of experienced professional movers can also pack, load, and transport all or any of your belongings so you don’t have to.

Contact us today to request an estimate or more information about any of our moving services.

The Ultimate Moving Checklist

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For most people, moving day is anything but pleasant. The process of packing up all your things and moving cross country can be stressful and chock-full of backbreaking labor, (both figuratively and literally speaking).

As a professional moving company that’s been family-owned and operated since 1906, we’ve learned a thing or two over the years about what it takes to make your relocation simple and stress-free. That’s why we’ve included a set of quick and easy-to-reference professional tips to help you stay on track during your next move.

To keep things simple and easy to remember, we’ve offered a few moving tips and checklists and split the moving process between three different stages: packing day, loading day, and delivery day.


Packing Day

  • Take all loose jewelry, cash, coin collections, etc., with you in your vehicle instead of packing them.
  • Have your High Value Inventory form set aside for the van operator.
  • Place items you’re taking with you in a closet or cupboard and label them:
  • Unplug your TV 24 hours before loading.
  • Make sure any items that are attached to your residence with bolts or screws are detached and ready for movers to load.

Loading Day

  • Make sure you’re there when your driver arrives or make arrangements in advance for an adult to take charge in your absence.
  • Inspect your inventory to make sure you agree with your driver’s description and discuss any disagreements before signing.
  • Approve and sign the Bill of Lading.
  • Check your valuation selection.
  • Complete and sign the High Value Inventory form.
  • Make sure your van operator has the correct address for your destination.
  • Before leaving, walk through your residence one more time and make sure everything is loaded. You are responsible for any items left at your residence.
  • Provide your van operator with all contact numbers for your destination.
parks and rec loading day gif

(Hint: Loading day shouldn’t go like this.)

Delivery Day


  • Be there in person to accept the delivery or make arrangements in advance for an adult to take charge in your absence.
    Have your payment ready. (Unless arrangements were made in advance for billing.)
    Cross off items on your checklist as they are being unloaded on an Inventory Control Form. (Ask the van operator for one of these forms.)
  • Note any changes in the condition of your goods and cartons on the original inventory forms and sign the inventory forms.
    NOTE: Signing the inventory forms without any noting any exceptions is stating that all items were delivered without any noticeable damage.
  • Report any missing or damaged items to your destination agent immediately.
  • Wait 24 hours before plugging in your TV, electronic equipment, or major appliances.

Following the tips on these checklists will help you stay organized throughout the entire move, so you can spend less time worrying and more time settling into your new home.

Feel free to contact us with ANY questions or concerns you may have during any part of your moving process. We’re always happy to help!

You can also give us a call toll-free at 800-242-8182.

The Real Cost of DIY Moving Vs. Hiring Professional Movers

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Many people think “doing it yourself” (DIY) and saving money are one and the same. But this isn’t always the case. There are many other real life scenarios where DIY just doesn’t make sense, (haircuts, tattoos, and surgery), or where hiring professionals costs the same amount or less than doing it yourself, (oil changes, large printing jobs, and moving).

overloaded truck

It’s easy to assume that a DIY move with a rental truck will be cheaper and less stressful than hiring professional movers. After all, getting your friends and family to pitch in and help sounds simpler, and will only set you back the cost of beer and pizza right?


Not quite.

In many instances, hiring professional movers can be cheaper and they will do all the work.

As professional movers ourselves, we are aware of everything that factors into a successful relocation. Naturally, we were curious to find out the cost difference between the DIY rental truck move or professional full-service option, so we went ahead and crunched the numbers.

On average, a family of four packs up and moves about 5,000 lbs worth of goods during their relocation. To accurately compare the costs of a DIY vs. professional long distance relocation, the following estimates were calculated for a family of four relocating 1,300 miles from Wisconsin to Florida, (who wouldn’t want to relocate to the “Sunshine State” this time of year?!).

The Do-It-Yourself Option



  • Truck rentals
  • Equipment and destination labor.
  • Fuel for rental truck and/or personal vehicle
Truck Rental$1,987.00
Equipment and Destination Labor$333.71
Fuel ($2.00 gal @ 7 MPG)$371.43
Total Cost$2,692.14

Other Unaccounted For Costs:

  • Asking, (i.e. begging), friends and family to help you load and unload the rental truck.
  • Being held liable if your friends or family injure themselves.
  • Paying to replace any goods your friends or family might damage while loading or unloading.
  • Taking days off of work to pack, load, and transport your goods.
  • Risk of personal injury.
  • Risk of damaging furniture or other household goods during the move.
  • Additional $250.00 cost for towing your personal vehicle behind the rental truck. (This also reduces fuel efficiency or average MPG.)

mover unloading truck

The Professional Full-Service Option


  • Door-to-door service.
  • Professionally trained drivers and labor.
  • Equipment and pad wrapping.
  • Disassembly and reassembly of goods.
  • No risk of personal injury.
Total Cost$2,744.49

Based on our estimates, the total cost of a DIY rental truck move is only $52.35 less than hiring a professional moving company to do the work for you, without including any of the other expenses associated with doing it yourself, such as:

  • Towing your personal vehicle behind the rental truck.
  • Visiting the chiropractor. (Despite lifting with your legs, not your back.)
  • Treating friends and family to a nice dinner for all their help.
  • Replacing any household goods that were broken or damaged during relocation.
  • Feeling obligated to help your friends and family move when they ask you to return the favor. (Or feeling guilty if you make up an excuse as to why you can’t.)


Request an estimate or contact us today to learn how we’ll make sure your next relocation is both affordable and stress-free.


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