4 Essential Things to Check During a Move-In Inspection

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move-in inspection is an often-overlooked step when moving into a rental house. If you haven’t yet seen your new house yet, a physical tour is necessary to identify any problems. The report you create during the inspection protects your security deposit when you move out.

The following are some key areas your move-in inspection should focus on.

1. Check for Pre-Existing Damage

Before you move into a rental, make sure you document any existing damage and report it to the landlord. Many tenancy disputes originate from security deposit issues. The inspection report forms the backbone of your defense in case of a dispute.

Your inspection should focus on any damage to the walls, floors, windows, doors, countertops, and other parts of the house. To get more concrete evidence of the state of the house, record any such damage on camera.

If the property manager or landlord offers to carry out the inspection with you, check for any missing item from the inventory form provided. The inspection helps you build a more harmonious relationship at the start of the tenancy.

2. Check the Condition of the Appliances

Modern rental houses come with an array of appliances that make life easier for tenants. If another tenant lived there before you, make sure to thoroughly inspect the condition of all appliances before you move in. Faulty appliances affect the quality of your stay in the new house and are also expensive to repair.

Your move-in inspection should check for malfunctions in all appliances. Focus on the condition of the stove, refrigerator, washer and dryer, dishwasher, and other appliances.

The physical inspection helps to confirm that every advertised appliance is in place and in working condition. With a detailed inspection report on these appliances, you can avoid future disputes with your landlord.

3. Check the Condition of Systems and Fixtures

A properly maintained rental house features house systems and fixtures that work perfectly. Some crucial systems and fixtures include the plumbing and drainage system, heating, air conditioning, security, and lighting fixtures.

The fixtures and systems are essential for a safe and comfortable house. Before you start the inspection, create a comprehensive checklist of all the systems that you need in place. Don’t shy from opening the taps, flushing the toilet, and starting the HVAC unit and other fixtures. If any one of these systems isn’t operational, notify the landlord before you move in.

Life in the new house can start on the wrong note if any of these systems don’t work. The faulty fixtures require immediate attention by the property’s management to guarantee your safety and comfort.

4. Assess the Health and Safety Standards

Your move-in inspection should focus on health and safety standards in the new house. Confirm that the rental house has functional smoke and carbon monoxide detector.

If the house is poorly ventilated, there’s a high chance of high humidity levels and mold growth. Check the basement, kitchen, and bathroom areas, for mold because this huge a health risk. During the inspection, test the humidity levels, which should range from 30% to 50%.

A move-in inspection can save you a lot of trouble when you move into a new rental. The process allows you to confirm that everything advertised about the rental is available and in good working condition. The report you create from the inspection comes in handy in case of any disputes with the landlord as you move out.

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