3 Tips to Successfully Pack a Mobile Storage Container

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Mobile Storage ContainersMobile storage containers are a popular trend in the moving and storage world, and there are great reasons for this. As a hybrid moving tool, a container allows you to pack your own things but still avoid the onerous task of actually transporting them. Storage containers even allow you to pack things temporarily without moving them to another location.

But packing a mobile container does have its unique aspects that deserve particular consideration. To help you avoid dangers or breakage during transit, keep these three container packing tips in mind.

1. Choose the Right Size

When you pack a stationary storage unit, you don’t have to think about it going anywhere. You can pack things inside any way you want. You can get away with many bad packing tactics, such as tossing light items into the back, stacking boxes somewhat precariously, balancing items, and setting things unaided on shelves. You also won’t have a problem if your unit is too large.

But unless your mobile container will stay in your driveway the entire time, you must right-size your unit as closely as possible before it moves. The more empty space is inside, the more likely it is that things will fall, slide, and roll around. Consult with storage and moving professionals to find the best size for your particular belongings.

2. Cushion Items Well

Any time that goods you’ve packed will be in transit you won’t be able to protect them from the elements or the motion of the trip. You’re also not a professional packer, so you won’t know every trick that pros use to ensure a solid packing job. Don’t be afraid, then, to overprotect items when packing.

Have plenty of furniture pads, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, packing tape, and protective blankets on hand. Supplement these purchased or rented items with belongings from your own home — including towels, blankets, comforters, and even winter coats. Use packing materials both inside and around containers.

The more protective options you make available to the packers, the better that things will survive inside the container. So get plenty of choices and don’t skimp on using them.

3. Distribute the Weight

While a container isn’t quite the same as a storage unit, it’s also not the same as a moving truck. A truck is permanently attached to its base, so you generally must only worry about horizontal motion when the truck is on the road. Mobile storage containers will move horizontally on the road, but they will also likely move vertically some of the time. To better protect your belongings, try to distribute weight throughout the container.

Many people, for instance, fill a moving truck by packing the heavy and large items into the back first. But this could make the container off-balance. Instead, use a combination of heavier and lighter — but still sizable — items as a base across the entire floor of the container. As you move upward, use the smaller and lighter goods. It may be helpful to make a written balancing strategy before starting.

As you work, create a solid base from the floor, testing each layer or placement before moving on to the next. Use items of different textures, sizes, shapes, and dimensions to fill in the empty spaces. Extra packing material can also help fill a void without adding to the weight of that section.

Still have questions about using a mobile storage container? Call the pros at Christofferson Moving & Storage. We have a variety of options to meet every customer’s needs and can provide the experienced assistance you deserve. Make an appointment to discuss your move today.

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